Halloween Hit

Halloween Hit
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Let's play some Halloween Hit! Practice your knife-throwing talents with this spooky Halloween-themed game! You need not fear; none of the knives pose any danger. Poke the spinning platter with your bat-shaped knives. However, caution is warranted. Carefully aim your shots. To increase your score, you should attempt to sever the pumpkins. For how many levels do you think you have a chance of succeeding?

How to play

Simply selecting "play" from the game's main menu will launch it. At the outset, a spinning target will appear in the screen's center. Knives can be found in the lower left area of the screen. To complete the level, you must successfully hurl each one into the intended location. Various parts of your target will be represented by a variety of colors. Each level requires you to complete a certain number of throws at a rotating target in order to progress. Knives should be hurled at sections of the same hue. If you deflect your knife by hitting an object or another knife, or if you throw it in the wrong direction, you will fail the level. Check the top of the screen to see your score. Keep away from the skulls though! Best of luck!


  • Animations in vivid 2D color
  • Captivating and engaging gameplay Robust difficulty settings
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • Many available upgrades

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How to play:

How To Play Halloween Hit

Use mouse or keyboard