Adam and Eve Night

Adam and Eve Night
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Night is the second part of Adam's adventures in the classic trilogy, Adam and Eve Night. This time, Adam's predicament involves being confined in a creepy, abandoned building. Save Adam's soul from being taken by the ghosts of the hills he must pass through to return to Eve. Can you figure out the mysteries and help him reunite with his soul mate?

How to play

The goal of Adam and Eve Night game is to find a way for Adam to advance through the level by clicking on various objects and moving them into the correct order. Adam's homesickness intensifies when he encounters creepy creatures hiding in the shadows. Keep an eye out for doors that require a key. Apply your knowledge and abilities fast to stop the night creatures from harming Adam. Outsmart the ghosts and goblins and run for your life! As the evening wears on, the difficulty level rises. Do you have what it takes to make it to the surprising conclusion and return home?


  • Sombre 2D animations
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Interactive entertainment that's both fun and hard to put down
  • Entertaining on a number of different planes

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How to play:

Use the left mouse button to explore your environment.