Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour
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In Traffic Tour, you'd better hold on tight because you're going to be going faster than the speed of light. Make your way along a straight highway, dodging vehicles and trucks. You can choose from a wide array of stylish sports automobiles and explore a wide variety of environments and gameplay styles. Just choose a vehicle and hit the road for some thrilling experiences. So, let's get going!

How to play

Graphically impressive racing/driving game that puts you in the thick of a nail-biting competition. Prior to getting started, pick your ride and then unlock the extras you want. Afterward, decide if you want to practice free driving or compete in a race against other players by selecting the appropriate game option. Compete in one hundred unique online missions for the chance to win rewards, all while having a blast racing cars with your pals in a 1v1 setting on the best free racing game around: Great CRS (car racing system). If you think you have what it takes to be a safe driver, keep your cool and experiment with as many settings as you can.

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How to play:

- Directions for Operation: Whatsoever equals "advance" (W) D = Correct The letters L, S, and BSN indicate the left, right, brake, and gas pedals, respectively. Escape Key = Previous Menu Collect more Blueprints in infinite mode to gain access to additional vehicles. You can earn more points and money by passing slower vehicles while going faster than 100 kilometers per hour in the infinite mode. Additional points and money can be earned by using a two-way route in the other direction.