Vex 6

Vex 6
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The newest version of Vex 6 is now available! This time, our stickman has nine brand-new actions ready for you. You'll encounter hard levels chock full of cunning traps once more in the sixth installment of the hugely popular series. Are you prepared to take control of this daring stickman and let him perform acrobatic tricks while you win different achievements? Best wishes!

How to play

The objective is to go to the terminus of each level to complete it. Acts are what this game's levels are referred to as, and there are several acts to complete. After completing an act, you gain access to the hardcore mode, which presents you with even more dangerous challenges. Use the WASD keys to navigate, run, jump, crouch, and climb walls. You'll have to guide your stick figure through a total of nine new Acts and Hard Acts by using the jump and slide controls. You could trip and fall off a ledge, make a mistake in your movement and run into a saw blade or jump onto jagged spikes. Your character will perish as a result, and the level will have to be started over from scratch. So be on the lookout for flagpoles. If you die, you can resurrect at the most recent one you triggered. These act as checkpoints. Best wishes!


You can navigate your character around the keyboard by using the WASD or Arrow keys. On a mobile device, swipe left or right and jump or slide.

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