Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

Noob vs Pro Castle Defence
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In Noob vs Pro Castle Defence, you'll be tasked with assisting Noob in the construction of his kingdom and defending it from various extraterrestrial enemies. Protect Noob and his golden crown from the dangers that emerge through the red portals, spend the nights hidden behind the sturdy walls of your castle. Venture out during the day to discover uncharted territories.

How to play

Noob awoke with a mind-blowing realization: he did not have to sit around and wait for the rest of the world to catch up to him before he could start living his best life. Instead, he made the decision to create an earthly paradise all by himself, just for himself! He gained entry to the castle, took the crown, and then vanished from the dull world full of dull people for good. Your assistance is needed in protecting the land. Even after he located the ideal location in which to construct the bonfire and stone walls, he still needs some sort of protection from the nighttime assaults. This is where you enter into the picture. He urgently requires the assistance of a tactician who can organize the entire nation on his behalf. Constructing mines and forges will boost not just your income but also the defensive ratings of your buildings. Find the optimal locations to construct towers and archers, and then dispatch the nefarious monsters back to the place from which they came. Helping this little pixel pal will test your ability to survive in the wild.

Key features

Novice vs. pro, cheater vs. hacker, god vs. relax, fighting vs. journey, challenge vs. castle, and adventure.You can check out Noob versus Pro vs Hacker vs God and join Noob and his companions in another story if you enjoyed this chapter of Noob's exploits!

How to play:

To navigate about, use the W, A, and D buttons.