Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2

Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2
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In Ultimate OffRoad Cars 2, you'll learn how to make the most of every inch of dirt and gravel track. The top off-road vehicles are being used in this exciting trip. Get in your truck and try your skills on these off-road obstacle courses where a misstep could spell disaster.

How to play

Accompanying your thrilling journey in this driving game are photorealistic 3D visuals. Enjoy the wind and the rain as you cross the highlands. An off-road SUV with a strong engine will help you overcome various obstacles. Hold the gas and stay aware of your footing. When you've exhausted your own resources and those of your vehicle, the winch will come to your aid. With the winch on your vehicles, you can simply hook up the tow strap and start pulling. You need to give it your absolute best shot if you want to make it to the road's end. Put your mettle to the test and find out if you can handle the off-road environment.


Drive with the arrow keys. Cut the cord, or press X. Snort your way to a Z. Option C: Tow the car using a cable. ESC - pause.

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