Tower Run

Tower Run
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Where is Tower Run's equivalent of a white stallion galloping to the rescue? All around the world, princesses are locked away in towers that no man dares enter. Can you prove your worth and save the princesses?

How to play

Every hero has an obligation to save the princess. The only difference is that every castle and tower in this game actually contains a princess. But this time, the hero is odd as well; he doesn't jump or get coins. What a twist, though, that he can ride balls! If the princess is waiting, someone else will come and save her. Do not keep the princesses waiting much longer. Maybe someone else will come out of hiding and take your position as the hero. Find the girl by going to the top floor of the tallest tower in each level. Simply make a selection on the screen, and a ball will emerge. It's going to take every ball you can get to get past those barriers. You'll have to back up and try again if you run into trouble. Never forget that the red platforms will wipe out your balls, so you'll need lightning quick reflexes to survive any peril you face. Have a prosperous day!


The gameplay is easy to pick up but challenging to master. There are a lot of levels waiting for you to explore!


Help the hero to the highest potential height by clicking the mouse. The balls will shatter if you take a tumble, so be careful.

There are damsels in distress not just in stories, but in the real world as well. Try your hand at Stacky Run, and show the world what a true hero you are! Enjoy!