Teeth Runner!

Teeth Runner!
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Welcome to Teeth Runner, the finest teeth game you've ever played! The only goal of the video game Teeth Runner, which features humans, zombies, vampires, and muchachos, is to brush your teeth. When cleaning your kids' teeth, be careful to use the right toothpaste because each child requires a distinct combination of ingredients.

How to play

Everyone is fascinated by your treatment, and your toothbrush is cutting edge. So, grab your toothbrush and encourage a grin for everyone. This means treating everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve. Everyone wants to be treated pleasantly and have their teeth whitened with high-quality toothpaste, that much is obvious. The creatures are here for the trash on the other side. So, decide how much to order based on the requirements of your next patient, whether you're ordering a line of toothpaste or filth. In between stages, you will see a few exceptional patients so you can additionally whiten their teeth. So pay attention to your work and watch what magic you may create!

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