Speedrun platformer

Speedrun platformer
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Greetings from Speedrun Platformer! These side-scrolling games let you run and leap your way past tens of thousands of obstacles. At the very least, you'll need to cross chasms, kill tough opponents and stay away from perilous traps if you want to succeed.

How to play

By pressing buttons, you can set a new world record and top the speedrun leaderboard! Start an exciting tap-tap trip and take first place on the leaderboard. Dominate. Touch tap. Traps are used to complete dangerous trials. uncover secrets. Why are you holding out? Engage in some adventures and take on the role of the speedrun story's protagonist. Set a world record for tapping!

Key Feature

platformer, among us, narrative, test, challenge, tap, leaderboard, big red button, Chuphead, Crash Bandicoot, unwind, two-dimensional, noob vs. expert, cheater, hacker, god


Right and left Up arrow to jump; arrows to run