Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble
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In Tank Trouble, players pilot tanks through mazes while firing missiles at other players. In this game, you battle it out on a labyrinthine battlefield against cunning army generals. Rockets, scatter bombs, and a twin cannon are among the special equipment that suddenly emerges to help you defeat your foes. Always watch where your missiles are going to make sure they don't damage your own tank by bouncing off the walls.

How to play 

This isn't a difficult game, but it's a lot of fun! Guide your tank through a maze under your command. The goal of the game is to use your vehicle to destroy the enemy tank in a series of well-crafted levels. Fire your cannon at opposing tanks while staying out of range of theirs. Avoid having your own tank destroyed by ricocheting missiles off of the walls. When playing in solo mode, you use the arrow keys to steer your tank. You take aim by clearing the air. Navigate your way through the maze to locate your adversaries, then fire from a safe location before they can fire their cannon at you. Your own bullets can kill you if you're not careful.

How to play:

Directions may be driven into with the W, A, S, D keys, or the arrow keys and mouse. To fire, use the Q or M keys or the left mouse button. Avoid getting shot at by doing anything you can. Each collision is disastrous and will eventually total your car.