Squid Mission Hunter Online

Squid Mission Hunter Online
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Fun online game called Squid Mission Hunter Online is based on squid games. To return participants to the games, all you need to do is manage the hunter. There is a gimmick; you may entice the escape players by throwing money and compelling them to come out of hiding! Aim and fire to catch the escaping players and capture them in the ship!

How to play

Some squid game players chose to flee these sinister games, but they were caught and will soon be wedded! Squid Mission Hunter Online game is inspired on the Squid Games television series, in which the players later regret their involvement and decide to try to flee the premises, but they are trapped on the island with no way out but to hide!


The game's goal is for you to be able to command the hunter of players and return them to the games. It's not simple to catch these little robbers, but you may entice them by throwing coins and pushing them to come out of their hiding spots by aiming and firing your harpoon to capture them in the ship that awaits your commands. Enjoy playing this new game, it will keep you entertained for hours.

Key Features

Use your mouse to aim and fire at the targets. Mobile device screens can be tapped.