Sanrio Characters

Sanrio Characters
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Players can play as a variety of Sanrio Characters, including the venerable Hello Kitty. 36 distinct Sanrio characters, each with unique special skills, make up the game's initial cast. Additionally, it includes all of your favorite Sanrio characters and artwork in addition to unique map designs that enhance the environment and have a delightfully fairytale-like quality. Additionally, the game promises customization capabilities, allowing users to further enhance the cuteness of the characters.

How to play Sanrio Characters

Characters are split into Hunters and Challengers, and the Hunters have a time constraint in which to capture the Challengers. The Challengers, on the other side, will have to avoid the Hunters while also freeing any trapped teammates. Miracle Match, on the other hand, pits two Hunters against six Challengers.

Sanrio Characters, an odd but potentially brilliant asymmetrical PvP mobile game with a Hello-Kitty motif, has now officially released in Japan after allowing pre-registration earlier this year. The "villains" of this world are pitted against the lovely Sanrio cast in Miracle Match as they flee and try to avoid being electrocuted by their magic wands. The Sanrio cast is full of adorable stuffed animal designs that everyone is familiar with and adores.