The Backrooms

The Backrooms
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The Backrooms is a horror game that plays with the lights on and is based on the same-named Creepypasta lore. You discovered yourself imprisoned in a weird dimension with an unending number of corridors, bright lights, no furniture in sight, and an unseen menacing presence. Will you be able to exit this building? Backrooms is a CreepyPasta-inspired horror simulation game. If something is skulking around close by, you had better start hoping it won't see you because it most definitely has heard you.

How to play 

The Backrooms is a lovely little horror game when the lights are all the way up. The game, which was produced by IEP Games, captures the experience of getting lost in a maze of empty spaces. The game is inspired on a CreepyPasta legend about no-clipping the outer world and landing in a strange universe with 600,000,000 square miles of segmented empty rooms, infinite background noise, and empty doors. In this game, your objective is to locate the exit before being noticed by some wandering "friends." Sadly, these "friends" won't let you go and wish to drag you along with them in their never-ending misery.

Three alternative game modes are available: Classic, Deaf, and Free. The game is intended to be played in Classic Mode just how it should be. In conclusion, The Backrooms is a fascinating and thrilling game that will add something fresh to your gaming habit. See how long it takes you to navigate home from this nightmare collection of rooms, hallways, and other unsettling locations by trying it out right now online!