Lucky Fisherman

Lucky Fisherman
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With the fishing game Lucky Fisherman, you can catch fish or even open a treasure chest to get money. Before the timer expires, accomplish the task, then spend the money to purchase something that will make fishing simpler.

How to play

Look around Fishing World. Have fun and reel in the biggest fish ever! There will be fantastic level design and evocative music! Prepare to reel in the largest fish in the pond. When casting a rod and pulling as many fish as you can in a short amount of time, pay attention and employ your best speed skills.

To cast a rod and draw your fish into the boat, simply tap on the screen. The angler scores extra points for larger hooked fish. Fortunately, all points add up, so you have one minute to complete the task. The second level will be simpler the more fish you capture in the first. But be aware that every level after that has a higher objective to achieve. Display your fishing prowess in this free, enormous tycoon game!

Key Feature

Free offline play of a fun fishing arcade game Test your focus and reaction time to catch the biggest fish. Discover treasure chests to earn bonuses. Download a free full-version game to your smartphone.

Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time, so if you want to obtain the best score possible quickly, you can think about using your score points to purchase additional goods. Your efforts won't be in vain this way.

Our fishing simulator is simple to use but it presents a fun challenge. Test your reaction time and hunting prowess while having fun catching various fish.