Hero 2 Super Kick

Hero 2 Super Kick
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In Hero 2 Super Kick, display your kicks like the superhero you are! You are perceived by the guards as a giant blue monster. A big heart to help good people, however, is hidden inside that enormous body. Attack using a variety of methods, then observe as your adversaries are driven apart. Leap from one structure to the next. However, they intend to ruthlessly stop you, so get ready to defend both the city and your life!

How to play

All you need to do is defend both yourself and the entire populace from the guardians. Although they have weapons to assault you, you are in a much superior position. You are not only enormous and ten times larger than the others, but if you jump, you could clear a skyscraper. Therefore, getting to the level of the snipers on the rooftops of the buildings won't be a problem for you, let alone taking out the guards on the floor. Simply jump by pressing the spacebar, and then punch the guards to bring them to the ground by clicking on the left mouse button. When you're taking out all those guards, be careful not to exhaust all your energy by getting shot with guns. Are you prepared to put on the armor of a powerful superhero?

Key Feature

Authentic physics; original foes + Compulsive gaming - Beautiful graphics - Easy management

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