Join Scroll Run

Join Scroll Run
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Join Amazing casual game called Join Scroll Run. And get ready for an incredible experience! You are the team captain going to pick up new teammates by simply touching them! Are you determined to scale the obstacles one at a time? So let's get started with the game and have some fun! Lucky you!

How to play

You're a squad leader getting ready to enlist new troops by merely touching them. Once your gang has grown sufficiently, you can only scale the blocking walls one at a time. You cannot climb the blocking blocks one at a time till your team is long enough. In order to complete each level, you must work as a team to scale the obstacles in your way. You simply need a mouse for this, so click once and drag it around to move your character.

As you move, you will recognize the other person; simply change your path to head in their direction to gather them and expand your squad. These guys will be useful while you are facing the obstructions! You could find it simpler to assemble your team virtually than in person, but the connection is far more flimsy. If you're careless, you can lose your teammates! Are you prepared to form a team, complete each level, and win? Good luck and have fun!

Key Feature

- Generic gameplay that is interesting! 

- Gorgeous, vibrant graphics! 

- Simple user interface! 

- Easy to use controls!

How to play:

How To Play Join Scroll Run