Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout
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The Atari classic Game is given a fresh update by Idle Breakout Game. Breakout, the original game for the Atari, was a fantastic experience. To win money in the game, you must click on the various blocks of color. You can upgrade the rate at which you are paid per clicked block. Once you have enough money, you can spend it to buy breakout balls and other improvements to help you break through the barriers more quickly.

How to play

If you click on a brick, you can smash it and gain a point. Upgrade your existing balls or buy brand new ones with a wide variety of features using the points you earn. The ball will bounce off the walls and smash the bricks automatically, increasing your score. Discover which enhancements are the most productive for maximal brick-busting. More balls, more speed, or more power - where should you put your resources? There will be a lot of complications.

Each succeeding improvement is progressively more expensive than the one before it. The plasma ball is just one of several available options in the ball world. For 30 seconds, whenever you click, power balls will appear wherever you clicked thanks to the click rage power-up. Try to get as far as you can in Idle Breakout and finish as many levels as possible. If you enjoy games in the pinball genre, you may also enjoy Idle Pinball Breakout.


  • A mindless take on the legendary Atari video game Breakout
  • Different balls, each with their own set of parameters
  • Blocks with numbers on them that indicate how hard of a strike is required to break them
  • Fun, but incredibly addicting, gameplay

Relaxed Breakout gameplay. Break a million bricks using a variety of balls, each with its own speed, strength, and powers.