Bike Race

Bike Race
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Bike Racing is the ultimate motorcycle racing video game, where you get to speed over incredible line drawn tracks while pulling off insane acrobatics and feats. In order to earn a high score, you must do the very greatest tricks and as many of them as possible. Try your hand at getting a high score on one of the tracks and see whether you have the skills and bravery to do it.

How to play

Awesome bike racing action across 25 difficult levels; that's Moto X3M. Get aboard your motorcycle, buckle in your helmet, and get some airtime as you race against the clock on some truly incredible off-road courses. There are a ton of different tunes to choose from, guaranteeing hours of fun. More and more variations of bikes become available as you advance through the game's levels. Have fun and practice, but avoid crashing or the level will have to be restarted from the beginning. Having fun with Moto X3M?


  • Fantastic side-scrolling racing game for bikes
  • Distance between stations is 30 floors, and the line travels through a variety of environments
  • Potentially Attemptable Stunts
  • Potentially Unlockable Bike Models