Dodge Hero

Dodge Hero
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In Dodge Hero, you play as a secret agent trying to break into a fortified bank vault while avoiding the alarms and guards stationed there. Assisting the little hero in avoiding danger and dodging obstacles. Keep going until the level is over and you've won. Use deadly force to protect yourself from your attackers. Have a good time!

How to play

The hero has to get to the end zone without getting hurt, but there are a lot of dangerous obstacles in his way. It's fortunate for him that you're here to give orders while he fires upon the antagonists. In order to determine whether or not the protagonist can pass through the laser obstacles, just follow his shadow. Before the bad men can attack, take them out. Sharpen your reflexes, use your weapon strategically, and watch out for incoming boxes and shields. Swap places with your adversary to avoid laser fire, sidestep traps, and reach the end of the level with your arsenal fully stocked. Gather up all the weapons and other objects you can.


  • Exciting and engaging gameplay.
  • Elevated difficulty and activity.
  • The 3D animations are full of vibrant colors.
  • Reflex Training.

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How to play:

Slide to move left and right