Blob Giant 3D

Blob Giant 3D
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New and thrilling, Blob Giant 3D puts you in charge of a giant hero simply named Blob. You need to hurry and contact the similar colored jelly so that your hero can grow to enormous proportions and carry you all the way to the conclusion. Get bigger by gathering several figurines of the same color. Experience a brand new big running game.

How to play

The goal of each level in this running game is to make it to the finish line. Many different types of jellies will appear, and it will be your job to gather them all. Find and save all the ones that share your hue. You'll have to go through a color transformation at a few points along the road. If this happens to you, just focus on acquiring jellies of your preferred hue. Watch out for the snags that could send you plunging into the ocean. The coins can be used to purchase hats, thereby increasing one's coolness. I hope you enjoy your time at the playground.


  • Obtainable new headwear that must be unlocked.
  • Vivid 3D images.
  • Numerous stages to conquer.
  • Engaging and hypnotizing gameplay.

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