Cute Elements

Cute Elements
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Save your pals from danger as you bounce around in Cute Elements. You were in the mood to take a cheerful stroll over to your pals' house. But you found that they were confined. Only you can get them out of their prisons and away from this danger now.

How to play

You'll be exploring different worlds and stages, solving puzzles, and gathering keys in this upbeat and entertaining game. Therein lies the key to releasing your pals from their confinement. When time goes on, you'll amass additional keys, and as you free more pals who are elements, they'll join you. Magical elemental characters have been incarcerated. Reach the keys that are in inaccessible spots by using the unique strength of each element. There are a total of 32 levels, and you'll be able to access most of them if you've earned a particular number of stars. Also, every 6 minutes you can unlock a new costume from the vast selection. When you complete the game, you'll have 96 stars and 10 cards. The time has come to discover if you have what it takes to win this game and set your pals free.

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