Count Speed 3D

Count Speed 3D
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In Count Speed 3D, you can boost your car's speed by using math. Navigate your vehicle through blue and red portals to alter your speed, avoid dangerous hazards as you make your way through a track constructed entirely out of water, and make it to the finish line alive! Keep your speed down and drive to the back of the queue to increase your points.

How to play

Use high-end, cutting-edge vehicles and clever decision-making to achieve new speed benchmarks and set new high scores! On this course, your rivals are not other vehicles so much as they are speed bumps, cones, and enormous cleavers. It's as simple as guiding the automobile in the right direction as it races toward the finish. The blue portals speed you up while the red ones slow you down. Make a quick calculation as your car approaches the next portal and take the best action to reach the goal in record time. You may have to choose between two gateways of the same hue. You can achieve the best result if you use your math skills. The shop is where you may buy new automobiles and unlock new ones.

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