Color Snake 3D Online

Color Snake 3D Online
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Intense arcade parkour action awaits you in Color Snake 3D Online. Everybody loves playing the classic snake game and elongating the pliable snake to absurd proportions by dragging it. However, this updated version adds some welcome twists and simplifications to the time-tested favorite. Are you up for a challenge in a different kind of the age-old game of snake?

How to play

The player must use the mouse to navigate a linear platform filled with brightly colored hazards in this take on the traditional game. The goal is to guide the snake through mazes of varying forms and colors that are the same as the snake. Only obstacles of the same hue can be passed; any other color would cause instant death. The ability to squeeze pennies will be essential to your survival. If there is a straight line extending from one side of the platform to the other, and you can't avoid it, just cross it to make the snake a different hue. With your adaptable strategy, how many points do you think you can get? Sign up, and prove your worth. To all: Enjoy yourself!

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