Christmas Survival

Christmas Survival
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In Christmas Survival, the holiday horror game, your sole objective is to stay alive. Experience the thrill of co-op gaming as you and your friends fight against waves of terrifying Christmas creatures and zombies. Keep going as long as you can so you can get some new gear. Different game types are also available for your entertainment. Celebrate the holiday spirit now since Christmas will be here soon.

How to play

They say that on Christmas day, among the ruins of an old castle, something odd happens: all the snowmen come to life and all they want to do is bite with their enormous teeth every person. They're not alone, so use your weapons carefully and stay alive as long as you can. Soak up the good times.


  • Festive tone
  • Option for either cooperative or solitary play
  • There are a number of playable modes.
  • Store selling virtual firearms and armor


  • It's possible to navigate using the WASD keys or the directional arrows.
  • The numbers 1, 2, and 3 to swap weaponry
  • Press Space to jump.
  • Do not take up arms
  • I'd want for LMB to fire
  • The RMB Aims

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How to play:

How To Play Christmas Survival