Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars
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Brawl Stars is a hero shooter and online fighting arena where players compete to be the last ones remaining. Challenge other players from all around the world and try to be the best as you work to acquire all of the playable personalities.

How to play

The game's several modes allow players to achieve a variety of goals. Multiplayer fights between three players and a frantic, timed survivor mode. Gameplay may be completed in about three minutes, whether you're playing solo or with a group. In a match, players can pick a Brawler to control using the virtual analogue sticks. Other game types pit players against one other in a straight deathmatch or have them vying for a cluster of crystals in the map's centre.

Discover and level up a wide variety of Brawlers, each with their own unique set of Super Skills, Star Powers, and Accessory items. Build up a wardrobe of one-of-a-kind pieces to showcase your individuality and status. Fight it out in a number of unidentified places.