Egg Wars

Egg Wars
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Join the Egg War. Do you enjoy first-person shooters?All of these eggs have been cooked to a hard shell, and they are armed and dangerous warriors. It is your responsibility to take the initiative in combat, perfect your shooting skills, and die in the last round. Try out the latest cooperative shooter.

How to play

Participate in the egg-directed battle royale bouts and load up your weapon of choice. It is expected of you to take command of the battlefield, prove yourself as the deadliest sniper, and die in the final moments. Earn new skins to customize your character's appearance, compete in player-versus-player (5v5) and battle royale (BR) modes, and raise your rank on the worldwide leaderboard. You can either set up a trap and wait for your foes to wander into it, or you can sprint around the battlefield, confusing your foes while shooting anything in your path.


  • Animations in vivid 3D color
  • Obtainable Skins for Characters and Weapons
  • Choices in weapons with varying effects
  • There are two play styles in this game.
  • World leaderboard!

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How to play:

How To Play Egg Wars