Battles of Seas

Battles of Seas
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Battles of the Seas is a thrilling and engrossing ship arcade shooter game. Moreover, it's free! Construct the ideal vessel with the aid of a wide variety of mods and set sail! It's a race to the finish, and you can't afford to squander any time.

How to play

In this shooting game, you must strategically target your opponents' ships for maximum destruction. At this point, either you or they will perish.Shooting the ship down enough times to end the level without having to start again is the goal. Each level will feature its own set of challenges, so be prepared. Before you get shot and sink, you should learn how to shoot through these barriers. Use the protective shield and extra lives that fall with the parachute.


Instructions for the PC version: use the left mouse button to aim and fire. You can use your finger to aim and release it to fire on mobile devices. Earn money by defeating opponents, then use it to improve your ship and weapons in order to wipe out the entire opposition fleet.

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