The Speed Ninja

The Speed Ninja
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As you prepare to embark on a long run in the Speed Ninja, you should warm up your muscles. The ninja are renowned warriors known for their honor and skill. They practically have no limitations. Become one in this game and compete to win each round!

How to play

Take on the role of a ferocious warrior from the Land of the Rising Sun in this thrilling runner and put your reflexes to the test across a variety of different jump challenges. In this game, you have to make it to the last gong without dying. As soon as the game begins, your ninja character will begin to sprint. Using the arrow keys, guide him beyond the many perilous situations he'll find himself in. The up arrow key is used to make a vertical leap, allowing the player to avoid lethal obstacles. By utilizing it twice, you can reach the high ledges of the game's platforms. Aim your shuriken throws with the right arrow key. Some obstructions can be destroyed using these blades. The down arrow key will allow you to pass under some obstructions. Your current level progress is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Achieving the gongs at the conclusion of each level is the objective. If you want a higher score, you should pick up the coins you see strewn over the level. I wish the agent the best of luck.

There is a ninja in you! Explore our library of ninja games and learn to move silently in the shadows! In other words, have a good time!