Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2
24 votes. 4.48 / 5

Run! Monster is behind you in Temple Run 2. Get with this hero as far as possible and collect points on your route. You can direct, jump, and tilt your character with the arrow keys on your keyboard. When the roads are split, choose the way you want to go, according to your selection game is shaping. Once you started there is no turning back. So keep running until you break on through to the other side.

This game has been developed by Imangi Studios.


  • Endless track with an endless combination of ways to run
  • Fast moving pace that keeps you on your toes
  • Amazing graphics that look stunning
  • Simple controls that don't slow down your decision making for those split second moves

How to play:

The entire game is played through the directional keys. Left will move your character to the left side of the track. Right will move them to the right. Up makes the character jump over the various obstacles and down makes the character slide underneath whatever is blocking your way.