Stickman Shadow Hero

Stickman Shadow Hero
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Help Stickman Shadow Hero improve his fighting abilities by accompanying him on his quest. The Stickmen universe is, after all, a hostile environment, and there are dangers lurking around every corner. If our protagonist is going to stay alive, he needs to get better at fighting if he wants to. Are you prepared to accompany him on his workouts and assist him in gaining muscle?

How to play

In a galaxy far, far away, during a period of magic and myth, the course of a stickman's life rests entirely in your hands. In each level, various enemies await you. At the very bottom of the screen, just above your stats, you will find an accurate representation of the total number of adversaries. You just have to protect him from the upcoming onslaught and work on raising his stats as much as you can. Take a look at your inventory, and then just drag the appropriate things into the appropriate weapon slots to employ them. There are four different statistics that can be improved. These are one's health, offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as their luck. You could utilize the bullets, health potions, drones, and even more goods to boost these stats. You will get new items at the conclusion of each level that you can put to use in the subsequent battles. It is also possible to combine these objects in order to produce new products. Enjoy!


The objective of the game is to assist the courageous stickman in becoming better at combat by allowing him to combine various items to produce a new ability or defense, or by allowing you to make use of a drone to assist you on your journey, during which you will be confronted by a large number of foes who possess significantly more potent abilities.

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How to play:

Click the mouse or use the touch screen.