Stair Run Online 2

Stair Run Online 2
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Reach the stars in Stair Run Online 2! Now is the time to put in some leg effort, as you are in a close race. That person who has always been trying to defeat you in races is standing right next to you. Do you want to let him win or defend your title?

How to play

You have arrived at an infinite ledge. In this game, your objective is to gather as many stair parts as possible before the clock runs out. You've made up your mind to win the race and can't wait to wipe out your competition. You just have to figure out how to make the most efficient path through the platform while avoiding any falls. You'll quickly discover that this platform is littered with hazards that necessitate careful navigation. Furthermore, pressing and holding the screen will cause the steps to rise when an obstruction is present. It's best to create mini-stairs in order to sidestep these obstructions when you're running that fast. Left-click the platform to gather bricks, then right-click to employ them in constructing your stairway. It's important to keep extra bricks on hand and keep creating stairways until you've cleared the entire obstacle. This is fantastic! Get in here and give it a shot! I hope you enjoy it.

Key Features

- Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & bright graphics! The user experience is simple and straightforward. Simple to operate!

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