Smash Karts

Smash Karts
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If you're looking for a good Multiplayer Kart Battle game, go no further than Smash Karts. Play as a racer in a go-kart, picking up weapons along the way and using them to destroy your opponents' vehicles. Drive your kart, pick up weapons like guns, grenades, and rockets, and use them to take out your opponents.

How to play

Select your preferred locale and press play. When one of the games begins, you and your rivals will be racing karts through a confined space. Passing over the hidden boxes on the course will grant you access to a variety of weapons and boosts. To activate, press Space and use the arrow keys for movement. Compete against other players in an arena for three minutes of kart-crashing mayhem. You can select from a variety of maps. Participating in games open to the public awards experience points that can be used to increase your character's level.

You can earn currency, headgear, wheels, and character tokens as you level up in a game. In order to gain access to more uncommon characters, you can utilize character tokens in the vending machine to win prizes. Passing over the question mark boxes will give you access to a variety of weapons and upgrades. You can find everything from the power to not die to rockets, machine guns, and mines. Jump in your go-kart and start causing trouble.

Customize your kart!

You can ride around in some crazy karts or drive some crazy small characters. In the game, you can alter your kart and your player's appearance in the "customize" option. You can get a variety of karts, characters, headgear, and seasonal goods there.