Short Life 2

Short Life 2
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Short Life 2 details: The challenging platformer is back with more dangerous platform to get through. Control a ragdoll as you attempt to navigate through a very short life. Clear every challenge and try to reach the goal.

Short Life 2 is made by GameTornado.


  • Plenty of gore and dismemberment
  • A variety of obstacles and creative ways to die
  • Unlockable characters
  • 20 deadly levels to master

Game Tips

Play cautiously to avoid surprises

Collect stars to unlock new characters

Be accurate with jump and crouch timing

How to play:

Left and right arrow keys or AD to move

Up arrow to jump or stand up

Down arrow or S to crouch

R to restart

Space bar to confirm to restart (after game over)

ActionObstacleSide ScrollingPlatform