Run Run 3D Challenge

Run Run 3D Challenge
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Awesome 3D game with challenges and a wild journey is called Run Run 3D Challenge. To hop or slide, use your mouse. evade danger by overcoming barriers and traps. Try to complete the six levels with the boy hero while collecting all the stars.

How to play

In the wonderful 3D running game Run Run 3D Challenge, you play as a little child who must navigate several perilous terrains. You must click on the right side of the screen to leap and the left side of the screen to land and go forward in order to survive and prosper. Try your hardest to move quickly to avoid any unforeseen obstacles, terrifying beasts, deep pits.

To jump or slide, click on the right or left side of the screen, respectively. To escape obstacles like barricades and hazardous monsters while also collecting stars, you must respond quickly. Join the journey and display your gaming prowess in Run Run 3D Challenge! There are already 6 levels, and if you like the game, new levels will be added!

In the free running game Run Run 3D Challenge, you must run while dodging obstacles and gathering coins.

Key Features

4 skins, 6 levels

How to play:

How To Play Run Run 3D Challenge