Run Of Life 3D

Run Of Life 3D
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In Run of Life 3D, your life is ahead of you! You have the power to decide what will transpire in your life and how you will turn out! In this world as in life, your decisions now affect how things turn out. You still have a lot of life to mould. Let's therefore explore how you will approach becoming older!

How to play

The enjoyable parkour game Run Of Life 3D has the theme of life. This is where your life in this simulator will start. Your decisions from the beginning will affect how you age. You will have a lot of alternatives to choose from throughout the game. When choosing between two possibilities, strive to choose the one that would make you younger. At each level, you can live a different kind of life, but be cautious not to age too much before you get there! Your goal in this game is to finish as young as you can. Some decisions, like smoking, will make you older. The higher you go on the stairs that are waiting for you when you reach the platform's end, the younger you are. Your stage in life will improve once you can ascend the stairs farther. Let's hop on the platform, simulate your life, and see how long we can stay youthful!

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