Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog
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Protect My Dog is a fun casual puzzle game that works well as a time filler. Our lovely dog is under attack by bees, and the goal of this game is to stop them. Drawing a protective outline at each level is necessary to do this. Protect your dog from thorns and other hazards caused by nature. Drawing a line is as easy as clicking and dragging the mouse.

How to play

Draw to solve problems and assist your dog! Before the bees attack, you'll use the mouse to build barriers around the adorable dog. It could be increasingly difficult to draw around the growing number of dogs and beehives on each new level's map, which may vary with each new level's changing map layout. However, if you keep your puppies safe from the awful bees until the timer reaches zero, the level will be done, and you may go on to the next one. The challenge of avoiding the bees steadily rises throughout the course of the game's 50 stages.


To begin drawing, draw a line with the mouse.

You can't go wrong with what we have to offer, so we hope to see you back for more enjoyment in the future and wish you the best of success as you move through the many levels. Enjoy!

How to play:

How To Play Protect My Dog