Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula
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A entertaining puzzle and shooter game with a Halloween theme is Mr. Dracula. To get three stars after completing a level in this game, you must have good aim and shoot straight at the target. Happy Halloween!

How to play

As he does not make a good friend, Dracula likes to be alone himself. He has spent a long time on Earth and has become tired of people and society. The notorious Count Dracula has long been regarded as the epitome of a true nightmare. He ate blood and frightened people. But a slew of monsters, including mummies, zombies, pumpkin heads, and other creatures, have made their way to the castle in an effort to snag something tasty from the strong vampire. You take on the character of the iconic vampire bloodsucker who later turned into a champion of the light and fought against bad spirits in the video game "Mr. Dracula" when playing. Vampire arrived in the city, which is filled with every kind of evil, armed with a weapon and silver bullets. With only three cartridges available at each level, you should employ ricochet to preserve the vampire. An arrow shot from a stone wall will strike the target wherever the goal is in Mr. Dracula.


- 50 levels - incredible physics - gorgeous graphics - difficult levels

How to play:

How To Play Mr Dracula

Tap to shoot