Mall Service

Mall Service
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Mall Service will help you expand your shopping center by cleaning it up! You are tasked with maintaining the order, cleanliness, and productivity of the shopping center while trying to play the game Mail Service. What would you say if we told you that selling trash could get you new stores as well as an entire shopping mall? Grab a bag, and let's get started with picking up trash right away! You can grow your company while earning some extra cash by fixing the broken electronics and wiping down the floors.

How to play Mall Service

Your handyman skills will be utilized in the opening of your shopping center. You only need the kit for making repairs, one mop, and a bag for putting trash in; the rest is up to you to decide. Try your luck in undiscovered territories and see if you can land some contracts there. Obtaining greater levels will allow your character to deal with the robot more quickly. Pick up the pieces that are scattered across the floor, store them on your back, and then carry the collection to the canister that is located near the entrance. You can exchange the pieces for cash there.

Once you have accumulated sufficient funds, you will be able to launch your first retail venture. You can also put money aside to improve certain aspects of your character's statistics. You have the ability to increase both your speed and the amount of money you receive per trash as well as the income you receive from the repair service. To level up more quickly, you should focus on improving your stats first. Provide the highest quality of service possible to your customers in order to increase foot traffic in your shopping center and grow your company. Try your hand at the equally engrossing management game Restaurant Rush and see how far you can get in the competitor restaurant business!

Key Feature

Single player game, tycoon game, mall game


Drag the joystick to move. Garbage should be collected and then sold.