House of Hazards

House of Hazards
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In House of Hazards, you are placed in a house that is dangerous from one corner to another, having all sorts of items and other objects that are out to get you, and you have to make sure they don't, avoiding them at all cost. For example, you have a toaster that will be attacking you and try to take you out. Be wary of it, swings in the garden, and other things in your surroundings.

The two players need to work together for their survival, and if you want to play by yourself, only with the computer, you can try out the time trial mode as well.

House of Hazards is developed by New Eich Games, who has also made Getaway Shootout and Rooftop Snipers.


How to play:

Player 1 Controls
A, D - Move / Change hazard selection
W - Jump
S - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

Player 2 Controls
J, L - Move / Change hazard selection
I - Jump
K - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

Player 3-4 Controls (Gamepad needed)
Left stick - Move / Change hazard selection
Button south - Jump
Button east - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

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