Help imposter escape

Help imposter escape
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Help Impostor escape! The imposter is currently trapped in an unfamiliar dimension, and he has no idea how to escape. In the game Help Imposter Escape, you and your imposter friend must get away! Give him a hand and get through all 50 levels! You are helplessly encased in an endless portal, and you are making every effort to break free from your faith. Now, you have to give it your all in order to make it to the end of these never-ending platforms!

How to play

This is a very intense and intensely active action game. In order to break free of the never-ending cycle in which you are trapped, you will have to run across various platforms while jumping around. Unlock new skins and demonstrate that you have the ability to play games that are difficult. Come and give it your all in the hopes of successfully completing all of the levels. In total, there are fifty different stages to complete. Every one of these levels is packed with spikes that need to be avoided and enormous gaps that need to be jumped over.

The most important thing is to keep fighting! Although it might appear to be difficult, you will be able to complete the task and save your imposter. You have to move with extreme caution if you don't want to lose the level because you went over the edge of the platform. You will find the key to exiting the area in the form of a white portal that rotates in a circular motion. In order to pass through the portal, you will need to gather at least two of the stars that are scattered across the platform. These stars can be found in a variety of locations. Now that you're prepared to be on the move, let's see how far you can progress through these levels.

Key Feature

Can you make it through all fifty of this game's levels? At first, it might appear that the game is easy, but after a while, you'll realize that it's actually quite challenging. Complete the game by acquiring all of the stars, and you'll be able to use any of the available characters.


To move around, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Use spacebar for jump. In the mobile version, you'll use the joystick.

If you had fun working your way through a challenging series of platforms, you might want to try your hand at Impostor Rescue Online, where you can go on another adventure with a friend who is also an impostor.