Halloween Wheelie Bike

Halloween Wheelie Bike
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It's time to showcase your incredible cycling prowess in Halloween Wheelie Bike, except this time you're a creepy figure! Take off your helmet and mount your bike! As far as possible, try to balance the bike on one wheel. This Halloween join the Death King in attempting to pull off the longest wheelie ever.

How to play

The object of this game is to ride as far as possible while wheeling. The controls of our game make it simple to perform a maneuver that would normally require a lot of experience. The game can be played with your mouse. You'll have independent movement for your character. All you need to do is click on the screen at specific intervals to accomplish and maintain a wheelie. Click the screen to raise the front wheel back into the air if it starts to come in contact with the surface. Overdoing it will cause you to collapse to the ground. Game over occurs when you fall or when your front wheel touches the ground. Keep your attention on the road as you travel since you will encounter many challenges. Halloween greetings!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Gameplay that is difficult to complete
  • Controls that are simple

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How to play:

How To Play Halloween Wheelie Bike