Garden Tales

Garden Tales
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Inviting you into the garden. Connecting groups of three or more of the same fruit in Garden Tales is the goal of this match-3 puzzle game. Gnome blast and similar boosters let you to destroy a large number of fruits and flowers with a single, spectacular explosion. Earn money to purchase additional powerups. Do you have what it takes to win against Garden Tales?

How to play

Methods of Play Assist the gnome in the garden. Willy It's important to maintain the beds by removing weeds and planting correctly. Use a spade to dig out a treasure chest, clear away ice and puddles, gather fruit baskets, and more! But keep an eye out for moles; they may destroy your garden from top to bottom. If you want the fruits and flowers to be in neat rows of three, you'll need to switch their positions. When you line up fruits of the same kind, they'll explode, clearing the way for additional garden plants to tumble to the ground. Using boosters, you may quickly dispose of big volumes. These extra benefits come in handy when you're in a jam. Spend your hard-earned gold money on these items.


  • A riot of color from the garden's blossoming fruits and plants.
  • Enhancers that supply more force to aid in competing
  • Get paid so you can buy additional power-up upgrades.
  • A winding route that takes you through a gnome-filled garden.

How to play:

How To Play Garden Tales