Furtive Dao

Furtive Dao
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Furtive Dao is a Chinese-themed action-puzzle game where you can slash all of your foes and aid Red Panda in collecting funds for the shelter. In a fun logic game, assist some forest buddies in remodeling their home.

How to play

You'll be assisting our pet in Furtive Dao by finding the cash needed to provide his companion a home to reside. There are a few enemies that wish to keep their coins safe, which makes it harder. A daring samurai decides to generate money in a free online game because remodeling one's home completely costs a lot of money.

To make the animals' home a cozy place, collect cash to tile the roof, glaze the windows, and paint the walls. Get rid of every monkey fighter within the allotted movements, and gather as many coins as you can to finish the puzzle. Try to avoid attracting the villain's attention to avoid level failure. By completing these free online games for the whole family, you can sharpen your logical thinking.

A captivating Chinese-style action-puzzle! Contribute to the Red Panda's fundraising efforts for the shelter. Features: 30 distinct levels 6 levels of the original music of battling 6 different opponents



As always, luck to you and enjoy yourself!