Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2
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Get ready for a humorous and action-packed adventure in Funny Shooter 2, a 3D shooting game. It's a hilarious first-person shooter in which you face off against legions of zany foes. You'll be facing out against a hysterical and overwhelming foe all by yourself. Explore the vibrant landscapes and get ready to blast your opponents to bits. You can improve your chances of winning by upgrading your weaponry as the game goes on. Comedic environment to explore as you take on the most outlandish foes imaginable in Funny Shooter 2!

How to play

Are you prepared for the second installment of the wild and deadly first-person shooter game Funny Shooter 2? Your foes might be anything from conventional redmen to giants or some other bizarre lifelike creation. Use a variety of firearms, grenades, and other explosive weapons to deal massive damage to these comical foes. To increase your chances of winning, you should collect more goods by hitting milestones and undertaking perilous missions. However, the difficulty rises as the game progresses and stronger enemies join the fray. The RPG and grenade launcher upgrades on the main menu will let you go through the levels of the game more quickly.


  • Enjoy silky-smooth action and stunning 3D graphics.
  • There are a wide variety of strange foes to kill.
  • Shop for gear and upgrades here.
  • Complete challenges to earn precious metals.

How to play:

Mouse = look around
WASD = movement
W + Shift = run
Space = jump
Left Mouse Button = shoot
Right Mouse Button (Hold) = aim
Mouse wheel = next/leading weapon
1-7 = weapon hotkeys
R = reload
G = throw a grenade
T = inspect the weapon
E = remove / remove weapon