Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot
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Play Fierce Shot and compete in a fantasy football game set in an anime world! Successfully complete all of the Continental and International Cup tasks. The world has no chance of stopping you from reaching the pinnacle of success. Shoot better, harder, and more accurately as you hone your abilities over time. Master devastating techniques to annihilate your rivals on the playing field of green.

How to play

You've got what it takes to make it to the finals of the anime football competition. Keep an eye on where your opponents are stationed so you can plan the best path to the ball. If you want to fool your opponent, just draw a curve. You should avoid the other players and focus on the clock below. With each successful shot, the power shot metre fills up, providing you a greater advantage for your next attempt. You may increase your level of expertise in the profile menu using the points you earn by winning matches. Make sure you're ready for the tournaments and cups, keep up with the happenings, and win them all to get access to every ability! Use your one-of-a-kind set of abilities to the fullest and you just might make it!

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How to play:

Draw curve lines to kick the ball.