Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner
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It's your job in Epic Hole Runner to devour the city as a black hole. Eat more fast food to grow larger, and do so more quickly by focusing on the right nutrients. Gather as many green barrels and as much gold as you can to further your progress.

How to play

Stop admiring fictional black holes and become one yourself! The player's character must go along a path decked out with city debris, devour its victims, and grow in size. Your mission is to eat till you burst, but you can't touch any of the red barrels. These tiny cylinders can shatter your bones and shrink you to human size, yet all it takes to regain your full strength is killing a few people. Focus on the tightly packed things that are within your reach rather than the gigantic things that you can't even begin to comprehend. When you consume green barrels, you gain mass, which readies your body for more valuable, substantial goods. When you reach the greatest diameter finish line, you'll unlock additional diamonds and gold bars. You should invest your diamonds wisely by first boosting your starting stats.


At the beginning of the multiplier's cycle, absorbed items grow in size. You can unlock Rush Mode by collecting green barrels and completing tasks for various rewards, such as cosmetics.

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