Eggy Car

Eggy Car
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Eggy Car presents you with a compelling mission. The egg in the car you'll be driving is quite delicate. The only real task is to NOT DROP THE EGG. Drive safely and quickly cover a long distance. Throw caution to the wind and put a giant egg on top of your car for the next level of chaos. Attempt to keep your vehicle intact while driving over rough terrain.

How to play

You have to get the egg as far as you can in this game. Unless you intend to make an omelet, you should take care not to crack the egg. Don't let it hit the floor! You're driving on a rough route that cuts directly through several hills. Moving slowly back and forth will help you keep the egg from rolling off the car's roof, so you can extend the time you have to do so. Money can be found spread across the ground. The egg will be in constant motion; the slightest hesitation may cause it to leap from the driving vehicle. The more you accumulate, the more cars you can buy with your hard-earned cash. A total of four unique automobiles are available. Get as many of them open as you can before deciding which one is best for transporting your massive egg.


  • Bright, 2D visuals
  • There are five distinct autos to find.
  • Compatible with a wide range of playing styles
  • Engaging game play

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How to play:

You can control the vehicle on a desktop by pressing A and D, or the Right and Left Arrow Keys.

Drive an automobile with your phone's touchscreen interface.