EG Ninja Endless

EG Ninja Endless
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In EG Ninja Endless, you take on the role of a ninja whose mission is to reach the top of the highest cliff and acquire the most valuable treasures along the way. Have fun!

How to play

How far do you think you can sprint? Be wary, since there will be perilous leaps, thorns, and bombs along your path. Just how good a ninja are you? Play hundreds of games suited to players of all ages and skill levels on Ecaps Games. Enjoy free online gaming. Just enjoy yourself!

On Ngames, all you have to do to begin playing EG Ninja Endless is click the [Play Game] button. Click Refresh Games if you need to start over, or Maximize to play in full screen. Simply hit CTRL + D to bookmark Ngames and return to it at a later time.

How to play:

How To Play EG Ninja Endless