Drunken Duel 2

Drunken Duel 2
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Drunken Duel 2 is just as committed to spreading the thrill of duels as the original. The roof is the site of a furious conflict. Pick your drunken orange or blue side and get the brawl started! Pitch a match against a pal or the computer. To win, see how far you are willing to go.

How to play

Now it's up to you to direct one of them to victory. Due to the game's two-player cooperative mode, you and a friend can test your respective abilities as one of the two playable characters. You can also compete against the computer and prove your mettle. A victory is achieved when one player causes the other to fall from the building a total of five times. You can accomplish this by aiming and clicking on your character. You might even shoot it and toss it at your enemy. The winner is the one who reaches a score of five first. You'll be employing an assortment of weaponry, each with its own unique power. To aim, simply drag the mouse; however, this may prove difficult given their inebriated state. As part of a strategy, you can employ the items and helicopters as intermediary weapons. Two player and single player modes are available in Drunken Duel 2! Whoever makes it through all five shots first will be declared the victor.

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