Color Road

Color Road
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Color Road is an endless running game that puts your reflexes to the test. Get used to change as you roll the platform down and select balls with the same hue. Just keep plugging away at those colorful levels! Gain enough cash, utilize the ramps to switch colors, and make it through the doors to the next level. Take this fast-paced color challenge and see how long you can last!

How to play

Tumbling down a never-ending rainbow of a platform. High scores in this race are evidence of your ability and quickness. Keep your grip on the ball and roll it to the left and right. To increase your score, you must gather balls of the same hue. You must avoid touching the balls that have a different color than yours. This ball game is easy at first, but it quickly becomes challenging as the balls are no longer stationary in front of you and your color choices are continuously being reshuffled. As the striped balls are worth twice as many points, avoiding them might result in significant score increases. Take extra caution as you make your way through the tunnels and as you race down the ramps of varying colors. Gather all the gold coins you find along the way and spend them on fresh outfits from the game's store.


  • Strong 3D visuals.
  • Increasing reflexes through rapid-fire, never-ending play.
  • In-game cosmetics that can be unlocked at any time.
  • Accessible on portable media players.

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How to play:

Use Mouse or Keyboard.